Atchinson Family

Introducing the Atchison Family

The Atchison foster home is loving, compassionate, and full of adventure! The family has had placement of a two-year-old boy since he was five days old. Since placement, Lauren and Andrew have co-parented excellently and loved unconditionally. The Atchison family has four children of their own, who have become partners in the foster care ministry and they love their foster brother like their own sibling. On top of providing a permanent placement for over two years, the Atchisons keep saying “yes” to respite and short-term needs. Just this week, their daughters shared their room with a seven-year-old girl and began telling her when she was scared that “their God is so big, so strong and so mighty there’s nothing their God cannot do.” The Atchison family has a huge heart to provide children with a safe and loving home if it is just for a night or even two years.