Open Your Heart & Home

Give the gift of a forever family to a Hillsborough County child or group of siblings. Many kids in our community have experienced abuse, neglect, and abandonment and long for a permanent home that is truly their own. Please ask yourself if adoption is right for you, then read our Adoption FAQs and see local Children Available for Adoption.

The Adoption Process

The path to adopting a child in Hillsborough County involves the following steps:

1. Contact Children’s Network of Hillsborough:
Use the form on this page, or call us at 844-933-KIDS (5437).

2. Complete the Pre-Service Training:
Attend an information session followed by a 21-hour Pre-Service training called Professional Parenting.

3. Complete the Adoption Home Study:
This includes background screenings, an inspection of the home, interviews of all household members, and reference checks.

4. Matching and Placement:
You will change a life for good as an adoptive parent and help a child to grow up in a family where there is love, nurture and a sense of belonging.

CNHC Adoption Brochure


Download our brochure to learn more about the Adoption process.

Begin Your Adoption Journey

The first step on the path to becoming an adoptive parent is to contact Children’s Network of Hillsborough. Please complete the form below, or call us at 844-933-KIDS (5437) for more information.