A New Vision for Hillsborough County Child Welfare

Children’s Network of Hillsborough, LLC was formed in 2022 to serve as the lead agency charged with administering the child welfare system in Hillsborough County (Circuit 13). While our agency may be new, our leadership has deep roots in the community. Our team of professionals also brings many decades of combined experience in all aspects of the Florida child welfare system, with an approach centered on preventing abuse and neglect, achieving permanency for children, and maintaining accountability and excellence every day The Florida Department of Children and Families has contracted with us as part of the state’s Community-Based Care (CBC) approach to child welfare.

As the lead agency for Hillsborough County, we work with the community and a network of providers to deliver a comprehensive system of care that serves thousands of children in our community. Please explore our website to learn more about us, the services we provide, and how we are working to create new beginnings for the at-risk children and families of Circuit 13.

Children’s Network of Hillsborough works with more than 70 community partners in the Tampa Bay region, including subject experts and allies in the business community supporting the work of our organization year-round.

CNHC General Brochure


Download our brochure to learn more about the Children’s Network of Hillsborough.


Children’s Network of Hillsborough is committed to working with the community to protect children and preserve families.


To see every child in a safe, loving home with all families having access to resources, community supports and opportunities to thrive.


  • Leadership

Children’s Network of Hillsborough embraces leadership guided by informed wisdom and common sense, with compassion.

  • Integrity

Children’s Network of Hillsborough operates with integrity, honesty, and transparency.

  • Advocacy

Children’s Network of Hillsborough advocates for safety, permanency and well-being of children and their families.

  • Stewardship

Children’s Network of Hillsborough is an active steward committed to the efficient and effective use of resources.

  • Innovation

Children’s Network of Hillsborough achieves continuous improvement through collaboration, creative techniques, and enhanced technology.

Important Principles:

  • Access — Children and their families will have timely access to appropriate services. Waiting lists and other barriers to access will be identified and removed.
  • Strengths Based — Individualized treatment plans will be strengths and goal oriented, with a solution focus.
  • Individualized Services — Each child or family will receive individualized services in accordance with strengths and needs identified both by the child/family, and through valid professional assessments. Services will be delivered in accordance with case plans.
  • Family-Centered Focus — Service planning will be designed to meet the unique strengths and needs of the child/family and will encourage full participation of the family.
  • Culturally Competent and Respectful Practice — Culturally competent services will be delivered in a manner that respects individual and family needs, cultural differences and special issues. Culturally competent, diverse staff will ensure that all clients receive the services they need and benefit from the services they receive and that any differences in outcomes for populations of different races, religions, ethnicity, gender, physical disability, or other characteristics are identified and addressed.
  • Integration — Interagency planning, resource sharing and service delivery will be linked across the Department of Children and Families and the system of care network providers. Through a shared philosophy, coordinated intake, service planning, case management and continuity of service provision, the system of care will appear seamless to the individuals and families served.
  • Effective and Efficient — Children, their families, and the community will expect quality services, effective service outcomes and responsible and accountable use of public and private funds. Providers and families will be held accountable for results.
  • Normalized — Children will receive services within the least restrictive environment that is appropriate for their services needs and consistent with their safety needs.
  • Community-Focused — Local planning, management and decision-making will ensure that resources meet unique community needs.
  • Safety Oriented — Crisis and safety plans will be developed for children who are returned to or remaining in their own home.
  • Permanency Driven — Children’s Network of Hillsborough will always strive for a safe reunification of children with their families; however, if reunification is not possible or not a goal of the case planning process, an alternate permanency plan for children and adolescents who are in out-of-home care will be developed in a timely fashion. All children with current goals of long term or permanent foster care will be immediately re-assessed and given a more appropriate goal, including reunification, adoption.