Meet Vann “Madysyn,” a vibrant and talented 14-year-old girl who loves expressing herself through creativity and fun. Here’s a glimpse into her interests and personality:

  • Makeup, nails, and fashion: Madysyn has a passion for beauty and style, enjoying experimenting with makeup, doing her nails, and keeping up with the latest fashion trends.
  • Music and TikTok: Like many teens, she enjoys music and loves creating entertaining TikTok videos for fun, showcasing her playful and creative side.
  • Love for vacations: Madysyn cherishes vacations, enjoying the excitement of exploring new places and making lasting memories.
  • Favorite holiday – Halloween: She adores Halloween, reveling in the festivities and creativity it brings.

Madysyn is described as funny, courageous, proud, and exceptionally talented artistically. Her vibrant personality and enthusiasm make her a joy to be around, adding fun and creativity to any situation.

She is eager to find a forever family that embraces and supports LGBTQ teens, accepting her for who she is and providing a loving and nurturing environment.