Captain Samuel Rojka

Captain Samuel Rojka

Board Member

Captain Rojka, a Tampa native, has served as a dedicated law enforcement officer since 1995, currently holding the rank of Captain within the Tampa Police Department’s Support Services Division. His career trajectory within the department reflects his steadfast commitment to excellence and community engagement.

With a firm belief in community-oriented policing, Captain Rojka has actively fostered partnerships with Tampa’s residents to enhance public safety. Notably, he has played a pivotal role in reforming juvenile justice practices, leveraging his extensive experience to advocate for best practices within the department. His contributions extend beyond internal initiatives; he served on the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board for over a decade, where he served as chairman and vice-chairman, collaborating to bring meaningful policy changes benefiting the youth of Tampa.

Recognizing the intersection of mental health and law enforcement, Captain Rojka spearheaded the creation of his department’s Behavioral Health Unit. Collaborating with local stakeholders, he developed a program that ensures individuals in mental health crises receive compassionate care from specially trained officers and licensed clinical social workers.

Captain Rojka holds a degree in Business Administration from Saint Leo University and an A.A. from Hillsborough Community College, underpinning his multidisciplinary approach to law enforcement leadership.