Sherrie Weckesser

Hi Ray,

I wanted to share some delightful news about your employee, Sherrie Weckesser. Sherrie has been diligently working with my IT Director, Kris Loomis on a “all things related to IT.”  She has been super responsive, efficient and not to mention has a calming demeanor.

What a breath of fresh air……ahhhhhh!

Lives Uplifted, Terri 

Terri Balliet, M.A.

Chief Operating Officer

Gulf Coast JFCS

Great work Sherrie and now I know you have a calming side 😜 so when are you showing us that side 🤣

In all seriousness you and your team do a great job and you guys make us all very proud.

Thanks for all your good work and well deserved recognition.

Have a good night.

Nadereh Salim
Chief Executive Officer