Samantha Lower

Congratulations to Samantha Lower Child Welfare Case Manager Children’s Network of SWFL

Staff Kudos from:  Joy Gregory, QM Specialist, CNSWFL

“I know that all of you are already aware, but I want to take a minute to tell you how AWESOME Samantha Lower is!

Sam is one of the brightest, most knowledgeable and energetic young woman I have seen in this field in a very long time.  She is supportive of both her staff and families,  and is compassionately honest (if that is a phrase) with the parents and caregivers.   It is obvious that she cares about her work and wants to do what is in the best interest of everyone involved.  It is not often that you work with someone who never complains and is ALWAYS prepared!  She understands the families and the issues that they encounter and treats each and every person with respect.

Suffice to say, there are not enough accolades I could give to Sam that could express how much I admire who she is and the excellence she has brought to this agency!!”

— Joy Gregory