Ray Fischer

Ray Fischer

March is National Social Work Month and I want to take a moment to both recognize, thank and honor one of our very own MSW professionals.

Ray Fischer our Chief Operating Officer embodies everything Social Work stands for and more.

Ray received his MSW from FGCU (go Eagles) in 1998 and has been serving our community in a helping profession ever since.  Ray also received his Undergrad in Human Services in May of 2000. Ray began working for Camelot Community Care in 2000 and joined the Community Based Care Lead Agency in 2003. Ray has dedicated most of his adult life to serving abused children and their families in many capacities from Therapist to Director and eventually as our COO.

Every interaction between Ray and the families we serve is grounded on the ethical principles of social work, and chief amongst them is service, integrity and dignity. Ray, we celebrate National Social Work month by celebrating your commitment and contributions to improving lives of so many in Southwest Florida.

The theme for Social Work month 2021 is: “ Social Workers Are Essential”

Ray, you and all the other Social Workers at the children’s Network of SWFL are indeed essential to our collective success.