Matt Parkinson

KUDOS to Matt Parkinson, CNSWFL Kinship Director

“I wanted to take a minute to give Matthew Parkinson a shout out. My unit and I have been going through a pretty tough time over the past few weeks and Matt has really gone above and beyond to not only help me but my unit. He has offered to help in every possible capacity including doing home visits for my girls. I know he has a crazy busy schedule as I am sure you both do, but to go out of his way to complete home visits after hours meant a lot to me and my unit. He recently assisted in a re-shelter that was very traumatic and he was right there the entire way when I couldn’t be. He has checked in daily with me and my unit and it is very much appreciated.

Matt is a great asset to the agency and he does tremendous work for the 0-5 units. I just wanted you both to know that.”

— Nicole Del Rio, Child Welfare Case Manager Supervisor

I agree 100%, Matt is an amazing Director, hands on, intelligent & competent, compassionate & caring and a true leader in our organization. We are all extremely fortunate to have Matt on our team. I’m so proud of the folks we have doing this important work, nothing but the best of the best.”

— Nadereh Salim, CEO

“Honestly, it is my staff that deserve all the recognition because they do all those things on a day in and day out basis, so me jumping in to help is the least of what I can do. Thank you for the kind words.”

— Matt Parkinson, Kinship Director