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CAREER LADDER REQUIREMENT: This training meets the requirements for the Career Ladder for three (3) DCF-approved specialty courses (or a course in specialty pathway) across three (3) specialty domains.

This training will provide Child Protective investigative staff with definitions, history, specialty knowledge and tools to address reported concerns, related to medical issues presented with children and families. Participants will understand factors essential to completing an adequate assessment of medical neglect, including the development of intervention planning, in collaboration with the Child Protection Team.
POINT OF CONTACT: Tracy.forgeron@myflfamilies.co

REGISTRATION: Register here, https://teams.microsoft.com/registration/SLoN94OyV0yIMctBFEWpTA,m13U5gKbr0675k-IL57XPQ,_7ON7qLKzUSYiUL95KE9HA,Oo8k5IdyeEGxwldBUMv3vw,ap_xDEKQokaspC8Fss00iA,StzElx_XokWCi_lMQmyyYA?mode=read&tenantId=f70dba48-b283-4c57-8831-cb411445a94c&webinarRing=gcc

Open House Poster — One More Child

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