Bill Higgins

Happy Retirement Bill Higgins

“After 16 years this seems surreal.  The memories, both professional and personal, are too many to enumerate.  I will forever be grateful for your wisdom, graciousness,  explorative mind, and willingness to share your knowledge with me and other team members; we are so much more talented because of you!   I hope you know that you have inspired us to reach for higher ideals and something greater than themselves.”

— Michelle Farquharson, Quality Management Director

“Once in a blue moon, folks get lucky and find a Gem, and you my friend are our Gem.  I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for us.  Your keen eye for all things Risk related, Quality related and System related, made you a unique member of our team.  Thank you for everything you have done for us, you will be sorely missed.”

— Nadereh Salim, CEO

“I learned and laughed with you. I respect your abilities and wished I possessed more of them.  You are easy to like and that is a skill.  No one deserves it more Bill, to ride off into the sunset and go fishing, because I am pretty sure you will be doing more of that!! Have fun and stay safe my friend.”

— Ray Fischer, COO